By Dansu Peter 

The Nigeria's Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen Tukur Yusufu  Buratai has again won for himself a lifetime Award of Excellence. 

The prestigious award, which was awarded  to him at the behest of Citizens Media Organization and Civil Societies on Good Governance was said to be given to him considering his gallantry fights against insurgency in the North-East Nigeria and as the best performing Chief of Army Staff Nigeria ever had since independence. 

In a statement signed by Comrade Ajibade Samuel, the National Convener of Citizens Media Organization and Civil Societies on Good Governance, said the Chief of Army Staff, has earned for himself, the coveted honorary award for successfully returning peace to the former war-turned region and reducing the one time powerful terrorists group, the Boko Haram to crumbs and fugitives begging for amnesty.  

The statement reads partly:

"It's worthy of note to say that until July 2015, our dear nation, Nigeria was literally on its knees,  losing territories and on the verge of losing its cooperate identity due to the nefarious activities of the dreaded  terrorist group. But today, significant peace has returned to the region and no territory of the nation is under siege." 

" Since appointed to the office as CoAS, Gen. Buratai-led Nigerian Army has successfully destroyed the camps of the terrorists and liberated the over 17 local governments once held and controlled by the insurgents. "

" The army under Buratai, has also ensured peace returned to the war-torn communities earlier marked as deadly zones, occupied and controlled by the terrorists. Residents of these communities, under Buratai have also been resettled back to their homes." 

Under Buratai, the notorious Boko Haram commander, Abubakar Shekau and his group, who confidently brag about their activities has turned to fugitive begging the government for amnesty."

"The army general has won many awards, including international awards. In 2017, far away in Brazil, Gen. Buratai was honoured with the Brazilian military Order of Merit, he was considered a great ambassador of global peace and security due to his efforts at dealing with the deadly Boko Haram issues. The CoAS was also honoured by The Anti –Terrorism Accredited Board (ATAB) with the award for exceptional bravery and peace building in Nigeria and the Lake Chad region under the multinational Joint Task Force. He was also honoured by the UK based Global Risk International with the award of Master of anti-terrorism Specialist award. These are just a few of the international awards Lt Gen Buratai has received. This is aside the many too numerous to mention Local awards that he keeps bagging sometimes almost on a weekly basis.

"In our own right, our organization considered the feats attained by the leadership of this great soldier, as unprecedented. To all these, we considered that, Nigeria as a whole owe Gen. Buratai more than these awards, hence, our own little way to motivate this energetic, most loyal, patriotic and selfless Army General of this generation"

The award, the organization said will be presented to the Army Chief in Abuja at a date yet to be mentioned

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