2023: Group urges Omo -Agege to Vie for Delta State Governorship Seat | News Proofs



2023: Group urges Omo -Agege to Vie for Delta State Governorship Seat

... APC Congress in Delta is Direct, Not- Do -Or-Die  Affairs, Says Obarisi

By Ode Williams

As the Nigeria ruling party kick up party executives  drives from the bottom up of the All Progressives Congress (APC), the Senator representing Delta Central Senatorial District and Deputy President of the Nigerian Senate, Senator Ovie Omo-Agege has advised that the exercise should not be seen as a ‘do-or-die’ affair.

He said, the era in the past where congresses were organized through nomination of delegates for indirect primary are gone, "the party’s congress this time around would be conducted in line with direct primary guidelines.

Omo-Agege, who was speaking on the occasion of the inauguration of the executives of a new pressure group, Agege United Elders and Leaders Forum, (AGULEF) leadership and it's Ethnic coordinators in Delta in Ughelli town, Loca Government Area, Delta State recently, said that, party members should come out to participate as every registered member of the party is entitled to a vote during the primary said: “I want to appeal to you, the congress is about to start. I want us to come out and organize. But please, let us not do this as a do-or-die affair. And there is a reason for that.

“Unlike in the past, nomination will not be decided by indirect primary.  They are not going to use delegates to determine who the nominees would be. It is going to be direct primary – meaning everybody who is a regisered member of APC has a vote.

“What that means, in effect, is that we should not kill ourselves over who should become the chairman of the party or who will become the secretary of the party, both at the ward, LGA or State because. At the end of the day, the chairman in your ward has as much power as any other member in that ward.  This is because on the day of the direct primary, he is casting his one vote and every other persons are casting their one vote each.
“So, all we are looking for in this Congress is to look for people who can help us mobilize for the general election; not for the primary. Please, look out in the ward for who can mobilize for the general election and not one who will call himself a chairman who will sit in his house to decide who is a member of the party or not.  So, come out and mobilize support for those we feel can do the job for us. That way, we will have an effective party and we can go out for war with them.”

  Obarisi,The lawmaker Representing Delta Central had spoken about his efforts at party building in the state, adding that before embarking on the exercise, he reviewed the performances of the party in the 2019 election. He said that every member ought to review the performances of party in their units, wards and Local Government Areas.

He urged members to preach the message of APC to members of other parties in the state, pointing out that the message is already gaining momentum in Delta North where, according to him, many are cross-carpeting from other parties to the APC.

“I have been going round Delta State on party building endeavour.  We have been very successful in Delta North.  Every day, members of the PDP are joining us APC in droves. They are determined to ensure that come 2023 APC will produce the governor. We shall soon move into Delta South in the continuation of the party building process”, he said.

Speaking on the need for unity among the party leaders, Senator Omo-Agege appealed to those who have the ability and capacity to reach out for the reconciliation of the leaders, 

Noted that ,it is important to reconcile everybody for the common good of the party APC in Delta State as one body,

“I want to appeal to you again using this very platform. Reach out and try as much as possible to reconcile all of us if you are able to. You must try. Even some of us, we keep trying everyday to reach out to those who, hitherto, would not have agreed to look at our faces.

“We have succeeded in some respects. Today, most especially in this Local Government Area (Ughelli North), I can say we are at peace because myself and my brother O’tega Emerhor are together. We keep trying to reach out to the others, but they keep shutting the door against us. I want to appeal to you to keep trying on our behalf. If you are able to bring everybody together, we are grateful”, he said.

Responding to the request by the chairman of the occasion, AVM Ajobena, for him to declare his intention to contest the 2023 governorship election, Omo-Agege made it clear that he has not yet responded to such request. He however, declared that “Agege is coming”.

“Chairman, I’m not in any way accepting your request for me to declare today. I have not done that. But Agege is coming, Agege is coming. APC is coming”, he said.

He charged the executive of the group to take the message to the unit level at the grassroots.

Noting that ,the era of some leaders boasting that they can mobilize their wards or local government areas for their party candidates has gone. According to him, all politics is local, noting that it is only a successful mobilization at the unit level that matters.

While declaring the occasion open earlier, the chairman, Chief Frank Ovie Kokori, thanked the organizers of the group as he prayed for more upliftment for the Senator, Ovie Omo-Agege in his quest.

“Now Senator Ovie Omo-Agege.  Now, the beautiful thing about him is that he is not just a ranking Senator, he is number two, the Deputy President of Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“He is one of the greatest sons of Urhobo. We pray for you, Ovie. Up, up you will go. The Urhobo people are behind you. The South are behind you, the North are behind you”, he said.

In his opening address, the chairman of the oceasion during the installation of AGULF, AVM Ajobena said that, the leaders and elders deemed it fit to constitute the body with a view to propagating the cause of Senator Ovie Omo-Agege, calling on the Senator to declare his interest for the governorship of the State so that the group can commence work earnestly.

He said: “We said that the goodies we are enjoying from the Deputy President of the Senate, we must propagate it beyond the shores of Delta Central. It is consequent upon this reason that we the leaders and elders of the party constitute this body.

“So, the call this afternoon is a call to duty. We are conscripting you to come forward at the appropriate time to indicate your interest so that we can all throw our weight behind you push on.  That is the core reason why we are gathered here.”

“I want to in clear terms that we are not actually limiting ourselves to the governorship position of Delta State. If, at the end of the day, some higher positions are zoned to the South South, we will be very glad and willing to project you for such a position. So, the governorship is the minimum we are looking out for from you in 2023.”

“The important thing is that we have our eyes on you and we will do everything possible to promote and propagate you.”

Also, speaking at the occasion, the chairman of APC, Delta Central, Olorogun Barr. Adelabu Ejiroghene Bodjor noted that he was lucky to be the first APC Senatorial chairman to produce a Deputy President of the Senate, adding that he is very confident he will be the first chairman to produce the governor of the State in 2023.

“I’m standing here today and I’m telling you that I’m a very lucky man because in the history of Urhobo nation, I’m the that has produced, as a chairman, the highest ranking officer in the National Assembly.

“And I stand here to tell you today I’m going to produce the next governor from APC for Delta State”, he said.

The Vice chairman of the occasion, Chief Tuesday Onoge, in his remarks, reiterate that “Senator Ovie Omo-Agege is not the only Senator from Delta State”, just as he extolled the leadership quality of the Senator as well as the member representing Ughelli North, Ughelli South and Udu federal Constituency in House of Representatives, Hon. Francis Ejiroghene Waive, adding that their voices are very loud and clear in the National Assembly.

According to him, any time there is opportunity to select people to represent Urhobos, they should endeavour to select the best available.

“What I’m telling you here today is that when we select people to represent us, we must select the first eleven.  We should drop the issue of tribalism and personal relationship in selecting representatives. We should look at the quality and their ability to represent us and pick them. That is what has played out very well in Senator Ovie Omo-Agege and Hon. Waive.”

On his part, speech made available by (AGULEF), Archbishop Phillip Edward Orovwuje  said, the body is a political pressure group initiated by three prodigious politicans for Agege vision is our mission with the sole aim oof galvanizing all men and women of like minds all over Delta State for the support of His Excellency DSP senator Ovie Omo -Agege in his onerous quest oof liberating and taking the Urhobo Nation and Delta State to enviable height.

He however, having critically asses the beautiful performance of His Excellency DSP senator Ovie Omo-Agege in all political spheres and strata , " We unequivocally rise up with one  loud voice to call on this resilience, dogged, vociferous, virtuous, competent and indefatigable Capacity DSP senator Ovie Omo-Agege our to contest for Governor of Delta State comes 2023.

Saying, " if Obarisi can harken to this call, we , have known that, Governorship contest in Delta State is a not just a walk on the part"  but, we will deploye all our political arsenal towards the support of the Senator to achieve this Noble task of delivery Delta State from the dark slump placed on its by the current ruling party.

Highpoint of the ceremony was the formal inauguration of AGULEF by Distinguished Senator Ovie Omo-Agege, the Obarisi of Urhobo land and Deputy President of the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

 Amongst Council Members are:
Chairman... Archbishop Philip Orovwuje (JP),Vice Chairman... Chief Engr Abraham Bobor
General Secretary...Prince Frank Ugen
Organizing Secretary., ..Chief Collins Ezewu (JP),
 Treasurer, .Mr Abel Tedeye.Finance Secretary,
..Hon Chief Julius Okpoko,
Chief Benson Oniyegha,
 Mr Pleasure Asiaka,
 Chief Isaiah Kekeje,
Elder Emiko Umude,
 Evang Johnson Ukirigho.... Spokesman, HRM Meg Kasali.... Women Coordinator,
 Julia Ovie Mayar.. Welfare Secretary,
Mrs Brigid Jordan Onose....Asst Secretary, Chief Hon. Hero Omwirhiren....Publicity Secretary, Hon Favour Achojoke ....Asst Organising Secretary,
 Hon Harvest Igben ....Asst Publicity Secretary,
1 Mrs Bridget Wategire...Asst Welfare Secretary,
 Mrs Helen Ebirare...Asst Women Coordinator,
Chief Dickson Umukoro...Asst Spokesman,Legal Adviser,Mr Godson Whegbere Esq, Coordinator Special Duties  and.Comrade Karo Igben

Others present at the ceremony include Hon. Francis Waive, Chief Ede Dafinone, Chief P.D.O Akpeki, Engr. Omeni Sobotie, Arch Bishop Orovwuje, among several chieftains of the party from across the Delta Central, Delta South and North senatorial district others Ethnic nationality in Delta State

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