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Pastor's wife gets serial death threats for exposing randy husband

•Son’s life in danger as father accuses him of leaking information to mother
•Sister in-law teams up with new wife to fight legal wife
•Husband’s friends begging legal wife to forgive husband
•Italy church suspends husband pending outcome of investigation

By our editor 

The centre is no longer at ease in the household of Mr. Vivian Olusola Omololu Wiwoloku, an Italy-based Pastor following the allegation of infidelity leveled against him by his legal wife, Mrs Bolaji Veronica Wiwoloku, also based in Italy.

Mrs Bolaji Wiwoloku who spoke with journalists weeks back, revealed that her husband of over 30 years secretly married another woman, a Nigerian based lawyer, Modupe Nancy Olajiga otherwise known as Modupe Nancy Wiwoloku since 29th July, 2019. An act described as bigamy under the law.

Aside from getting married illegally to Modupe Olajiga while still legally married to her; Mr. Wiwoloku was also accused of sleeping with different women in Italy, an act that once led to him being suspended from a Christian Pastoral Centre in Rome when he went for Pastoral training.

As if these were not enough, Mr. Wiwoloku moved out of their matrimonial home in 2019 under the pretense of not having much time for Pastoral duties. It later, after a series of investigations that the wife confirmed that her husband had another wife in Nigeria whom he had secretly married to.

While the story went viral on different platforms, Mr Wiwoloku tried to exonerate himself.

The dust was yet to settle on the matter when Mrs Bolaji Wiwoloku, again, cried out alleging death threats to her life by the trio of Mr Olusola Wiwoloku; his sister, Asteria Nihinlola Akinfolarin (Nee Wiwoloku); and Modupe Nancy Olajiga, otherwise known as Modupe Nancy Wiwoloku; the new wife.

Not only this, Bolaji Wiwoloku went further to narrate how her husband has been making life unbearable for their last born, Mr. Ibukun Wiwoloku, whom he has continuously accused of leaking out all his escapades.

In a phone chat with selected media houses, the mother of three said she had to cry out to the whole world for her safety and that of her son. “I am crying out loud to the whole world to save me from my husband, his sister Asteria and the new wife, , Modupe Nancy Olajiga. She is a lawyer based in Ado-Ekiti, but currently on Study Leave at the University of Ibadan.

“It has been confirmed that my husband took my name to a spiritualist with the evil intention of harming me. I have it on record that his sister, Asteria Nihinlola Akinfolarin, has been telling whoever cares to listen to her intention to make me suffer. Majority of her threats were recorded for empirical evidence.
Mr Vivian Olusola Wiwoloku
and Modupe Olajiga

Not satisfied, Asteria called my neighbor accusing him of linking me up with the media. This is untrue. She also promised to deal with the neighbor at the appropriate time. My husband up till now is still denying marrying another wife, even when I showed him the marriage certificate.

•Mr Vivian Olusola Wiwoloku
and Modupe Olajiga
What is my offence? “I have tried to see where I went wrong in all our over thirty (30) years of marriage. I was a homely and dedicated wife. Despite the fact that my husband has no visible job besides pastoring a church and managing an NGO which we established, I can proudly say that my African shop is one of the biggest in Italy. And this I used to assist him, not knowing he was even using part of the money to commit bigamy. The clothes he and the lady wore on their wedding day were brought by me. He told me he needed gifts for his sibling and unknown to me, it was for the wedding.

“I went further to investigate and found out that the new wife, Modupe Nancy Olajiga, a lawyer, made the first move. She seduced my husband during one of his trips to Nigeria. By the time my husband knew she had been married to four (4) different men before him; they both hurriedly went to the court to solemnize the unholy marriage. The woman at the centre of the controversy has been threatening to deal with me too. She told me that even husbands living in Nigeria with their spouses are not safe, not to talk of someone staying in Europe and allowing her husband to come to Nigeria on holiday.

“Modupe called me illiterate despite the fact that I left the higher institution when she was still in secondary school. She has been boasting that nobody can take away my husband from her.

“The trio, my husband, Olusola, his sister, Asteria and Modupe who is a serial husband snatcher, have connived together threatening me”.

Mrs Bolaji Veronica Wiwoloku
(Legal wife)

On the allegation of her husband threatening their last son, Ibukun Wiwoloku? “May God save us from trouble?” It wasn’t Ibukun that leaked his escapades. In fact, not until the bubble burst in the media, Ibukun and his siblings (my children) were not in the picture. I did my own investigations myself and got the facts.

“Ibukun has not been to Nigeria for many years; Was it Ibukun that showed me the marriage certificate? Was he the one that gave me the secret of the new wife’s habit of snatching husbands? Was it Ibukun that showed me where the new wife took my car to in Nigeria? Olusola was just looking for excuses. He has stopped talking to his own son because of a new wife he married illegally. The wife he was not proud to call his wife openly. Nothing bad must happen to me and my children.

“As for my Sister-in-law, Asteria, her rantings were on the houses and land purchased. She has forgotten when I was her Messiah, when the roads were stormy for her. She has forgotten how I rescued her from the jaws of death in those days. So I am not surprised at her evil actions. She is an evil woman with a dirty mind”.

Going further, Mrs Bolaji Wiwoloku who has vowed to save her home and get justice for the bigamy committed by her husband said that her sister-in-law Asteria Nihinola Akinfolarin(Nee Wiwoloku) is completely envious of her and her stable home.

“Truly, I met my husband through her, does that make me her stooge? My husband had nothing when we met. He was residing in Italy and it was when I got there that I learnt he lied to me he was a doctor, that he was a successful man e.t.c. but the love I had for him superseded everything that I forgave him. Lies run through his veins.

“I did a survey and learnt that opening an African store where we reside is the antidote for survival. I opened a shop and God answered my prayer. In all these, my husband has never spent a penny on our children, not to talk of me, his wife. I stumbled on a letter the sister (Asteria Nihinola) wrote to him 3 months after our marriage that he shouldn’t allow me to know “that secret”.

“The secret unfolded later over the years by knowing that my husband Olusola Vivian Wiwoloku is a womaniser, a lazy man who pretends to be a man of God. He calls himself pastor and affixes it to his name.

“Asteria has no home and she wants everyone to be like her. This is a woman who beat up her own mother-in-law. This is a woman who turned her father’s house into a brothel by bringing in different men until I called her aside to correct her. This was when she had a slight quarrel with her husband.

“When she was homeless, I gave her home, when she was hopeless; I gave her hope and succour. She still owes me, yet I didn’t bother her. She wants to inherit all that I laboured for even when she knew that her brother had little or no contributions to what is on ground.

“She is the architect of the problems on the ground. She advised my husband to hate me and my children. She cajoled him to alter our landed documents. I tried all I could to let peace reign but to her, it is a cowardly act. Enough of all this stupidity. Mumu don do. God has exposed her, Ondo is my second home, no evil fashioned against me shall prosper. My good fortune is giving them headache.

“Asteria is so dubious that she embezzled half of the money sent to her to buy lands for us. Not until I took the land business from her, that we were able to achieve something tangible. I can recollect a time we came to Nigeria to buy land, she bought her own with her name and husband as Mr and Mrs Akinfolarin; She told my husband to buy our own as Mr Sola Wiwoloku and family. I raised eyebrows by asking why, Asteria told me not to worry. It was later I got to know again that it was a pre-planned action. Asteria believed I must slave for her and the larger family.

•Mrs Bolaji Veronica Wiwoloku
(Legal wife)
“Sleeping enterprises is what Nigerians in Italy call my husband. He had no job but lived on me. You can verify this, when he is not sleeping, he will be out frolicking with ladies; irrespective of their ages.

“As for the so called newly wedded wife Modupe Nancy Olajiga who took them to a media house where they cooked up stories, she has been taking her relatives to my landed properties and telling whoever cares to listen that it was her inheritance. I want her to go and carry out research that she has come to a desert land as I am ready to take charge of all my properties.

“Well, no story as I have taken some of my possessions back legally and I will continue to do so until I take total control. Can you imagine a man that has not deemed it fit to take care of his children? A man that sleeps all day, goes out to commit fornication in the noon and make adultery his passion over the weekends.

“A man who even impregnated our househelp who is even related to him !!! A man who was sent out of an institution for sleeping around with ladies. I have endured all this while because of my children. I have remained calm because I love my husband.

“Many of his closest friends are not in support of what he did. They condemned all his actions, but can a Leopard change his colour? Even the Nigerian community here in Italy is not in support of his actions either .They believed that he was an ingrate. I have received calls and visitations from them too begging me to let it go, mostly those who knows what I have been through with him”

Asteria should leave one of my landed properties called “Industrial land” alone. She should stop harassing my tenants.

All efforts getting the duo of Mrs. Asteria Nihinlola Akinfolarin to speak to our reporters were futile. Same thing for Modupe Nancy Olajiga whom we learnt was on a study leave at the University of Ibadan.

Mr. Victor Olusola Omololu Wiwoloku’s phone wasn’t going as we learnt he had travelled back to Italy.

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