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Volunteer Guards: Benue youths deny use as killer squad

By Dansu Peter 

The Benue Youths Forum, BYF has vehemently denied the use of the recently established volunteer guards as a killer squad.

The BYF urged residents against the operations of the guards to seek leagl redress. 

BYF in a statement issued in Makurdi by its President, Terrence Kuanum insisted that the  guards is operating within the law establishing it.

The group said it read with awe a statement credited to one faceless body under the pseudonym, Benue Coalition on Human Rights calling for the abolition of the Benue Sate Community Volunteer Guards, BCVGs.

"In the statement signed by two individuals of questionable characters, Solomon Semaka and Okwori Onaji who claimed to be the President and Secretary, the faceless group alleged that the Benue State security outfit was being used to molest political opponents.

"We want to make it clear to those enemies of Benue state that the BSCVG is a creation of the law which came into existence through a legislation that was made with input from various stakeholders across different segments of the state and can't be abolished by mere allegations that can not be substantiated in the first place.

"That the group is calling on President Muhammadu Buhari, the Inspector General of Police and the National Security Adviser who have shown little or no interest in ending insecurity in the state to orchestrate the scrapping of the body is a clear indication that those making those calls are tools in the hands of those behind the incessant killings and destruction of property in Benue state" he said 

The BYF added that the  creation of the BSCVGs to compliment the conventional security agencies is probably yielding results, hence the desperation of those perpetrating violence in the state to see it disbanded.

"The Benue Youth Forum also wonders why a group that openly supports the creation of local security outfits and arming them with weapons in other parts of the country, will turn around to be highly against a similar outfit which has been denied the permission to bear arms by the Federal Government for obvious reasons.

"Also curious is the fact be that the said Solomon Semaka who has openly declared support for the killings in Benue state and has a close tie with the leadership of Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore who have taken responsibility for most of the killings in the state is a signatory to that nauseating statement" he said

The groip called  on any individual or groups to report any acts of misdemeanour committed by any member of the BSCVGs.

"We totally condemn the action of those sellouts who are out to discredit the outfit for peanuts.

"It is worthy to note that the BSCVGs are not immune to the law and are operating under strict supervision of the conventional security agencies and would be sanctioned appropriately if they are found wanton in the discharge of their responsibilities.

"We also want to reiterate that anyone who has any unsavory experience with the any member of the volunteer guards should go through legal channels to express his grievances, rather than embarking on a futile voyage to painting all the operatives with one brush.

"The BYF once again commend Governor Samuel Ortom for observing due diligence and obeying the rule of law to create the BSCVGs which is also contributing to tackling insecurity in the state.

"We equally renew our call on members of the security outfit to be law abiding and committed to the task of protecting the state legally.

"We once again declare our support for the BSCVGs and urged the Benue State government not to be deterred by misguided elements, sponsored by political desperados to distract the Ortom-led administration" the BYF said

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