Disregard unnecessary attacks on Ndiomu, Onoriode tells Amnesty, and Lauds Tinubu over insecurities in N/Delta. | News Proof



Disregard unnecessary attacks on Ndiomu, Onoriode tells Amnesty, and Lauds Tinubu over insecurities in N/Delta.

By Ode Williams

The Frontline The National Secretary of the Third-Phase Presidential Amnesty Program in Delta State (PAP), Awarlord Ononriedo Diyo, through the leadership of National Leader Gen. Elaye Slabor, has "warned
the so-called Genuine Phase 3 Leaders from Delta, Edo, and Ondo States, Hon. Birinumughan Jesse( aka Gen. 90), to stop unnecessary attacks on Major Gen. Barry Ndiomu (rtd.), Major Marshal Akpor, the Chief Security Officer, who also doubles as the Special Adviser on Security to the Interim Administrator of PAP, as well as the administrator of the presidential amnesty program.

Diyo, in a statement issued to newsmen recently in Delta State, while reactingto some faceless ex-warlords who are parading themselves to blame the leadership of the administrator in the amnesty to desist from it,"
According to Diyo, who makes it clear in terms," Birrinumugha Jesse is popularly known as Gen. 90, and those leaders claimed from Delta, Edo, and Ondo are those who perpetrated unverified facts and made unnecessary media bringdown syndrome on the amnesty administrator publication dated November 13th against the administrator of Amnesty Major General.
Barry Ndiomu, rtd.,major Akpos," described them as miscreants and fearless purported leaders."

Gen. Diyo, the warlord, has "called on the general public to ignore those wrong signals and messages by Gen. Birrinumugha Jesse, aka 90, and Toyebobo, who are known as notorious miscreants", 

He pointed out, "These groups of Brirrinumugha and his cohorts who are going around and printing fake forms to defraud the general public in the name of the amnesty program still have effort to open their dirty mouths; it's very unfortunate."

Speaking as the Delta State Chairman of the Third Phase Amnesty Program, Prince Efe stated, "The administrator of Major General Barry Ndiom Rtd has touched so many Niger Delta youths, removed a lot of leaders from poverty, and made them great in their endeavors, without mincing words, and nobody can destroy the good work of the administrator of Amnesty Coordinator in the person of Major General Barry Ndiomu."

He, however, expressed confidence in the administrator of the amnesty program and cautioned the duals, Birrinumugha, a.k.a., Gen. 90, and his cohorts to stop against the administrator, Gen. Barry Ndiomu, retired, desist from unreliable attacks on the amnesty administrator, and task the general public to disregard their unfruitful media attacks while applauding President Ahemed Bola Tinubu for peaceful, proactive, and progressive administration in Niger Delta regions.
He stated.

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