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FHA: We Will Not Encourage Needless Bureacracy: Ojo

The new Managing Director, Federal Housing Authority FHA, Oladimeji Oyetunde Ojo has promised to provide not only affordable houses to Nigerians , but discourage bureaucractic bottlenecks in carrying out it's new assignment in the agency .

Oladimeji Ojo who bare his mind during a courtesy visit by the management of Shelter Afrique Development Bank who paid the new management a visit to familiariase with the Nigerian housing agency on Thursday at the headquarters.

Ojo who promised to provide quality and affordable houses to all parts of the country said the new FHA will be determined to provide houses across the states of Nigeria, in line with Renewed Hope Agenda of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

"We are no going to concentrate provision of affordable houses in Nigeria only in Lagos and Abuja, but in all parts of the country."

The Managing Director said the Federal Housing Authority FHA will kick the ground running,  so as to provide houses for ordinary Nigerians in the category of one bedroom, two bedroom and even studio bedroom for low income earners, as been done in developing countries.

With the mandate to provide affordable housing, the new Managing Director, Federal Housing Authority stressed that the agency will work both in the rain and the sun to satisfy ordinary Nigerians on affordable houses.

"I have come to terms that working in the rain to provide affordable housing to Nigerians will be the new norm, saying the new FHA will drive the agenda of Mr President to the fullest."

Earlier the Managing Director, Shelter Afrique Development Bank, Mr Thierna Habib Hann said the collaborations with the authority to provide houses spanned since 1988, stating that the body had extended similar cooperation to many African countries.

He assured the Federal Housing Authority management of the Bank's intention to invest hugely in all sectors of Nigeria housing.   

Mr Hann stated that provision of all categories of houses which included rent to own among many others will be the focus of the Bank this year and going forward.

The Managing Director congratulated the new management of Federal Housing Authority FHA, promising to work with the new leadership to achieve mass housing in Nigeria.

Hann promised to invest $25B in 2024 and going forward, stating the collaborations with African Development Bank AFDB, Nigeria and Kenya has been the bane of housing development in the country.

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