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UBEC's Effective School Programmes, Synergizing To Rejig Basic Education In Nigeria

By Abubakar Yusuf 

The Universal Basic Education Commission UBEC has introduced many programs across board to mitigate the existing ones that will achieve the desire to bequeath basic education knowledge on students in the country for over two decades.

The "effective school programs" (ESP) had led to another point of convergence, collision, collaboration and synergy between the commission and SUBEBs geared towards improving teaching and learning outcomes across the country at the same pedestal.

For a result oriented programs, the countless efforts, leadership acumen and initiatives of the leadership of UBEC under Dr Hamid Bobboyi particularly with SUBEBs at the sub national level had brought a point of convergence on all the national programs, trickled down to the state and local government level with regards to basic education advancement and improvement.

The purpose of the introduction of ESP was to bring on board the existing schools at par with the new policy which was basically drawn to support  e -learning and smart Education.

For UBEC, the only template to be deployed to ensure the success of the new program, ESP is to embark on wider orientation and reorientation, as well as training and retraining of SUBEBs officials effectively coordinated by the commission.

With the current global trend, no doubt providing equipment and skills to students of basic education will enable them not to only participate, but compete favourably.

ESP is also capable of guaranteeing the improvement of learning conditions and processes towards producing basic education graduates with effective life skills.

Therefore, the commission had developed a template to harness key aspects of the commission delivery to have a better outcomes and results.

This resolve is what prompted the drive towards reinventing the mechanisms for improved inputs and processes in the implementation of UBE activities, as this would be the safe and guarantee of improved outcomes.

The area of supports particularly for schools previously designated as UBEC e- learning will be provision of modern equipment, instructional materials, training of teachers and head teachers in the effective schools.

With collective actions at national and state level , ESP will ensure that prescribed minimum standards needed to attain basic education are achieved, scaled up to ensure teaching and learning with expected learning outcomes.

With the aim geared towards progresses of the program, additional improvements will be made in the schools with the goal of meeting the minimum standards in basic education.

The goal of the commission  through ESP  envisaged that through this effort,  Centres of Excellence will be created to improve the inputs and processes deployed for teaching and learning in the schools.

Written BY ABUBAKAR YUSUF on [email protected].

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