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PDP Dekina LG Mourns A Political Icon, Chief (Arc) Gabriel Yakubu Aduku

In the heart of our great nation, and within the PDP party, a colossal tree has fallen, leaving a gaping void in the forest of our collective heritage and aspirations. Chief (Arc) Gabriel Yakubu Aduku, a towering figure whose roots ran deep into the fertile soil of the Igala kingdom, has embarked on his journey into the annals of eternity.

His departure is not merely a loss but an epoch that marks the end of a chapter rich in leadership, wisdom, and unwavering commitment to the progress of the Igala people and beyond.

Chief Aduku was a beacon of directional leadership and wisdom, especially poignant as we reflect on the recent electoral season in Kogi on November 11.

A period that demanded guidance, clarity, and vision, Chief Aduku stood as a lighthouse, guiding the Igala nation through turbulent political waters with dignity and foresight.

His influence transcended the boundaries of our community, resonating throughout Nigeria, Northern Nigeria, and particularly within the corridors of the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF), which he once led with distinction.

His legacy extends beyond his political and leadership prowess; Chief Aduku was a luminary in the noble architectural profession, a field where his creativity, precision, and visionary ideas will forever inspire future generations.

The Igala Kingdom and indeed all who had the privilege of crossing paths with him will sorely miss his presence, guidance, and the paternal wisdom he generously dispensed.

As a member of PDP and former Minister of the federal republic, we stand in solemn solidarity with his bereaved family, friends, and the entire Igala nation during this period of profound loss.

We mourn the departure of a patriarch, a mentor, and a trailblazer whose life was a testament to the possibility of greatness that lies within the grasp of dedicated individuals.

Chief Aduku's footprints on the sands of our time are indelible; they chart a path of integrity, excellence, and relentless pursuit of communal upliftment.

While we grieve his absence, we also celebrate the monumental legacy he leaves behind—a legacy that will continue to echo well through the corridors of time, inspiring and guiding future generations towards the realization of the Igala Agenda and the broader vision of a united, prosperous Nigeria.

May his soul find eternal rest in the embrace of our ancestors, and may his spirit continue to watch over us as we strive to embody the ideals he lived by.

In tribute and with deepest condolences,

On behalf of the PDP Dekina LG Executives

Signed: Divisional Acting Chairman!
Prince Omata Kebiru.

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