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Rt Hon. Mato Consoles Chiki Family Over Loss Of Wife

By Dan Ingbar

RT. Hon. Mrs Dorathy  Mato says the Gborchiki family have a serious burden to muster strength and contain the  emotional stress and practical impact of their wife and mother, late Doosuur Chiki who was buried early today at Adeiyongo, Tsambe, Vandeikya local government area of Benue state.

Mrs Mato stated this while giving a short remark at the burial of the deceased and appealed to the family to key into the fact that it  a must unto man as dust to return to same
 The former parliamentarian recalled the good works, humility and industriousness of the deceased.

Now that she is no more, the family  have do things that were done by the deceased to sustain them. She described late Hon. Mrs Chiki as an asset and trustworthy politician, whose testimony was shared by her former colleagues in Vandeikya local government council, where she served as councilor for Tsambe.

Also speaking, former Chairman Vandeikya local government, Hon Benedict Kume described  deceased as humble, hard-working and giver.

Benedict Kume also commended Rt Hon. Mrs Dorathy Mato, mentor to the deceased for care to  fellow humans, with reference to ravish entertainment of mourners during wake keep up to the day of eterement.
The burial conducted according Christian rites of the NKST was attended by people from far and near including groups.

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