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In A Love Relationship, There Are Some People That Are Irreplaceable Once You Lose Them

By Terfa Naswem 

Some people who are married today are passing through so much emotional, psychological and physical pains and regrets for some wrong decisions they made as a result of their selfishness, ego, peer group or family influence, advise from their spiritual fathers amongst others while they were in a love relationship.

Some people were in a relationship with someone they truly loved who were extremely exceptional in most or all aspects of life. They made some mistakes that led to the relationship not to move to the next level. They felt that even if such a person leaves, they will find their compatible replacement, only to realize after many days, weeks, months and years of search that they made an irreversible mistake that would shape their lives forever.

In the case of a woman who never found a compatible replacement and she is advancing in age, she might decide to just get married to anyone available even if the person is not a compatible replacement. Most ladies who are approaching 30 years or in their early or mid 30s are desperate to get married and it is at this point that most of them just get married for its sake not because the man they are married to is their ideal man. In this kind of situation, such a lady has a very high tendency to be unfaithful in such marriage, especially if she has an opportunity to reunite with the person she once truly loved but some factors made marriage not to take place.

In the case of a man who never found a compatible replacement for a very long time and is also advancing in age, he might decide to get married not for love or compatibility but to get children and look responsible. That is why most of them are unfaithful to such a woman. When a man is very mature age-wise and is still single, he might to considered as being irresponsible and might not be given certain tasks to perform or offered certain jobs. So most men at such levels get married for its sake as well.

If you are in a love relationship with someone who has most or all the qualities you need, please don't undermine such a person by allowing them to go. You will live with the scars of that mistake for the rest of your life. Where the breakup is not your fault, you should not blame yourself with self-guilt.

There are some people who are married but are not happy in the marriage. But they pretend in public as if they are happy but their homes are dens of emotional, psychological and physical torture. Some men have turned their homes to WWE arenas where the wives are beaten on daily basis.

Where we have the opportunity to make things work, we should do so, so that we will not live in a marriage full of regrets and memories of past cherished relationship coming to hurt us.

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