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Tourism: FEC adopts MHR Sesi's recommendation during the Minister's visit to Badagry

By Dansu Peter 

One of Hon. Sesi Oluwaseun Whingan, Member, House of Representatives for Badagry Federal Constituency recommendations made during a recent working visit of the Minister of Tourism, Mrs. Lola Ade-John, to Badagry has been adopted by the Federal Executive Council on Monday, May 13, 2024. During her visit, facilitated by Hon. Sesi, the Minister committed to nurturing and enhancing Badagry's tourism potential. 

At the minister's stakeholders' engagement during the visit, the MHR Sesi-appointed technical committee of tourism professionals and stakeholders, led by Mr. Babatunde Ajose, delivered a position paper on tourist development in Badagry. One of the demands mentioned in the document was a policy modification for visa-on-arrival at land and port, as it is available at airports, as well as a visa waiver for any West African visa holder entering Nigeria. This request is one of the twenty-one significant choices made and authorized by the Federal Executive Council.

At the FEC meeting, the Council set a four-week timetable for reviewing visa policies to allow tourists, entrepreneurs, and creative professionals to visit Nigeria. The council concluded that the convenience of doing business cannot be realized if prospective visitors have a difficult time obtaining a visa for our country. As part of the review, visa applicants will be able to apply for their visas online and receive them within 48 hours. Additionally, visas may be waived for holders of visas from certain countries.

With this achievement, Hon. Sesi Oluwaseun Whingan's efforts have succeeded in influencing a decision that would serve as a significant fulcrum of tourism development, benefiting not only Badagry but the entire Nigeria. 

During his 2023 campaign, the MHR for Badagry pledged, among other things, to promote and enhance Badagry's tourism potential for economic growth and prosperity. The ratification of one of the primary demands during the minister's visit is a step closer to fulfilling one of his pledges to Badagry residents.

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