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Quadruple Honor For Uba Sani: The Governor Who Means Business

By Najatu Abubakar Rafinguza

Governor Uba Sani of Kaduna State has received four prestigious awards, solidifying his position as a leader dedicated to excellence. The Best Governor of the Year award at the 5th edition of the 2024 African Illustrious Son Award in Lagos recognizes his exceptional leadership and contributions to the development of Kaduna State. The Excellence award from the Nigeria Medical Association (NMA), Kaduna State Chapter, acknowledges his administration's significant impact on the healthcare sector in the state.

Governor Uba Sani's commitment to leveraging technology for good governance was recognized with the 2023 NITMA Digital Governor of the Year award by the Nigeria Computer Society (NCS). His administration's innovative approaches to governance, such as the Kaduna State Geographic Information System (KADGIS) and promotion of science education have enhanced transparency, efficiency, and citizen engagement. These initiatives have also improved the business environment, attracting investments and creating jobs for the youth.

The African Illustrious Sons award, received alongside other distinguished African leaders, further solidifies Governor Uba Sani's reputation as a leader dedicated to making a positive impact on the continent. His leadership has transformed Kaduna State, with significant achievements in education, healthcare, infrastructure development, and economic empowerment. The state's education sector has witnessed significant reforms, with the introduction of the series of reform agenda. This initiative aims to improve access to quality education, especially for the girl child.

Governor Uba Sani's administration has also made significant strides in healthcare, by boosting PHCs ,Mobile Clinics etc. This strategy has expanded healthcare coverage to millions of residents, improving health outcomes and reducing infant mortality rates. Infrastructure development has also received a boost, with the construction of roads and housing projects, enhancing the state's economic prospects.

These four awards are a testament to Governor Uba Sani's dedication to serving humanity and making a lasting impact on the lives of millions. His visionary leadership, commitment to excellence, and impact on Kaduna State and Africa as a whole continue to inspire and set a high standard for governance in the region. As a leader who means business, Governor Uba Sani remains focused on delivering more dividends of democracy to the people of Kaduna State.

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