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Increment of Electricity Bill: An Open Letter to President Buhari, By Makinde S. A.

By Makinde SA 

Your Exellency, 

Though, delegation of Authority is a veritable tool for effective administration in any  government, but whoever is controlling the helm of affairs should guard against anything that  can tarnish the image of his good name.

The annulment of June 12, 1993 Presidential election was not A ONE MAN AFFAIR,   but the person at the helm of affairs carried the Cross of its blames and shortcomings.
Sir, a pending hardship is being propossed by  Electricity Provider in this country, which I humbly wish to  appeal to your good office to please, caution them so as to save your good name from being soured.

Though, the electricity provider may have  genuine reasons to increase electricity tariff but the proposal is done at a WRONG TIME when the effect of COVID 19 pandemic is still bitting hard on all the citizens of this country.

Sir, the proposal does not go well with the public because:
1.The  public believe that there is no significant improvement in their performances during the previous increments in Electricity  tariff in the past.
2.That many people who paid for Prepaid  Meters have not been supplied, coupled with irregular supply of power. Many Artisans have turned Okada riders.Now, what is the possibility that there will be improvement when another tariff is being imposed on the citizens?

3. That since the occurence of COVID 19 pandemic, the world economy is so bad that people find it difficult to secure three square meals, therefore such increment  will add more to the hardship& sufferings of the masses.

4.That if the federal government could be kind enough to reduce the pump price of PMS, increment in Electricity Tariff  is callous& unwarranted at this crucial time of unstable economy.

Sir, kindly caution them to refrain from such proposal for now TO SAVE YOUR GOOD NAME FROM BEING SOURED now& in the future.

Yours faithfully,
Chief Makinde S. A.
(The Ariwajoye of Oke-Irun Land)

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