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Why We Transform Food Waste With Technology - Chinyelu Ikeaba - Obiasor

 By Dansu Peter 

A seasoned entrepenuer and food technology expert, Chinyelu Ikeaba-Obiasor, has explained why her organisation, Chiblenders Green is into the transforming food waste with technology.

Obiasor, in an interview with The NigerianNews said she believes in 
using food as a source for health and well-being instead of drugs. 
Chiblenders Green a food technology and logistics company that based in Abuja  is fully committed to eliminating the waste of agricultural produce  which exists within the logistic and supply chains in the Nigerian agricultural sector. 

''The company realized that the best way to achieve their goal is by converting fresh produce into nutritious and healthy powder form which saves all it's nutrients for a longer shelf life.  For the time being, our target food types are vegetables and fruits sourced from small scale farmers in rural areas. 

''According to satistics 50% of produce that grow in Nigeria ends in landfills due to lack of storage, transportation, affordable  technology and standard food processing plants .

''Majority  food waste in Nigeria happens with small scale farmers mostly in rural areas. This limits their earning , leaving small scale farmers vulnerable and poor, a barrier to productivity , it  also  prevent food source that could support the impoverished especially in rural areas. The underlying causes of malnutrition is  poverty and inadequate food intake. According to UNICEF , an estimated 2 million children in Nigeria suffer from severe acute malnutrition, 7% of childbearing age suffer same .With all the food waste about 30% of Nigerians go to bed on an empty stomach. This is indeed a health disaster. 

''Chiblenders Green  transform food waste with technology, about  75% of  small scale farmers don't have access to communication technology ( mobile phone)this become a productivity  barrier for them to communicate with buyers in  seconds in order to prevent   post- harvest losses. 

''Our services is to be creative with food waste and enhance  food supply chains through buying surplus fresh perishable produce from small scale farmers in rural areas and convert to nutritious and healthy powder for longer shelf life. It is achieved by us  using local standard food  processing plant in different community's. Unfortunately, the processing plants are not enough'', she said.

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