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Kayode Ajulo's Nomination: A Masterstroke by Governor Aiyedatiwa

By Wole Adepoju

After the series of events that led to the appointment of Lucky Orimisan Aiyedatiwa as the substantive governor of Ondo State, there was great anticipation among interested Nigerians, residents of Ondo State, and other stakeholders regarding the new commissioner nominees. Governor Aiyedatiwa’s release of the nomination list partially quelled the suspense. As expected, the list included the names of former commissioners who had stood by him during his path to power.

However, what surprised everyone was the inclusion of the renowned legal expert and Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Dr. Olukayode Ajulo. Ajulo’s name on the list created a buzz and became the center of discussion across various media platforms.

While some people argued that Ajulo’s stature as a self made successful lawyer was too big for a commissioner role, others praised Governor Aiyedatiwa for his decision. The general consensus, excluding the opposition and cynics, was that the governor had made a strategic move and accomplished a significant feat by convincing someone of Kayode Ajulo’s caliber to join his administration. The appointment of Ajulo, a young successful legal figure, was seen as a substantial asset to governance in the state. It sent a strong message to the opposition that Governor Aiyedatiwa was well-equipped to handle challenges and had more plans up his sleeve.

It is worth noting that Ajulo played a crucial role in breaking the grip of a cabal that held the state hostage during the illness of the late governor. His legal intervention and public declaration exposed the forgery of the late governor’s signature and put an end to their manipulative tactics. While some mischievous individuals propagated the idea that Ajulo sided with Aiyedatiwa during the struggle to secure an appointment, those in the know dismissed it as a baseless falsehood. They affirmed that Governor Aiyedatiwa recognized Ajulo’s experience and wanted to utilize it for the benefit of the state. The governor believed that Ajulo’s inclusion would contribute to the successful administration of the state, especially during crucial times.

Commentators and pundits commended Governor Aiyedatiwa for his decision to bring Ajulo on board. They recognized it as a step in the right direction, highlighting Ajulo’s expertise and worldwide contacts in the legal profession and politics.

Many believed that Ajulo’s appointment as Attorney General would greatly enhance governance in the state and unsettle the opposition. They considered Governor Aiyedatiwa’s move as a demonstration of his visionary leadership and ability to achieve results.

Contrary to the claims of cynics, Ajulo’s appointment received widespread commendation from various groups and well-meaning individuals. It was viewed as a testament to Governor Aiyedatiwa’s ability to identify capable individuals for important roles.

Ajulo’s presence at the Assembly confirmation ceremony of the commissioner nominees further solidified this perception. Dressed impeccably and surrounded by supporters and admirers, he captivated everyone’s attention. The applause that filled the chamber when his impressive profile was read out attested to his remarkable credentials and garnered immense admiration.

Overall, Kayode Ajulo’s nomination as a commissioner by Governor Aiyedatiwa was seen as a masterstroke. It showcased the governor’s astuteness and brought accolades from various quarters.

Ajulo’s inclusion was considered a valuable addition to the state’s executive council, with his exceptional qualifications and reputation preceding him as many are praying that his contribution to national discourse and development should not be abated.

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