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No Amount Of Aspersions Or Apocryphal Stories Against Alia Will Turn The Good People Of Benue State Against Him: Their Efforts Are In Futility

By Terfa Naswem

Social media have been 'saturated' with aspersions, invectives and apocryphal stories against the Executive Governor of Benue State, Rev. Fr. Dr. Hyacinth Iormem Alia from different categories of people with a common goal to discredit his government and turn the good people of Benue State against him so that his reelection in 2027 will be in jeopardy.

As an assiduous governor, Alia has the concomitant to make tremendous impact on the good people of Benue State through people-oriented governance which they are feeling today.

Those who are on the expedition of trying to discredit Alia through their political rhetorics and other diabolical schemes may have forgotten so soon how during the Benue State gubernatorial campaign in late 2023 to early 2024, the numerous rhetorics and schemes against Alia to dissuade the good people of Benue from voting him were efforts in futility, even when they were only optimistic of his leadership prowess in government and never felt it yet.

If during gubernatorial campaign when they never knew whether Alia would deliver or not if elected, but didn't allow such rhetorics and schemes to change their minds; is it now that they are benefiting from his governance like never before that they will open their hearts to be instigated to turn against him and his reelection?

Gov. Alia will not capitulate to those attacking him from all directions. He is absolutely cognizant of their intentions and will continue to silence them by consistently paying salaries, pensions and gratuities including executing various projects amongst others.

Neophytes in politics who are free thinkers should not allow themselves to be cajoled by those who are strong-willed to ensure that Alia is discredited no matter the sacrifices required.

Whatever they are writing, saying or doing to discredit Alia will only have an ephemeral impact as a result of the collective resolve by the good people of Benue State to stand by him for Benue State to become one of the best.

Those who have embarked on this expedition are on a mission in futility because no matter what is said against Alia, the good people of Benue State don't care about that and have expressed their unswerving support for him now and for his reelection in 2027.

Those on this expedition should better use their precious time and resources on other things because in the end, everything they are doing now to discredit Alia will amount to painful waste of time and resources and would have been channeled to productive activities.

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