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National Productivity Centre (NPC) Forges Strategic Partnership With Abuja Enterprise Agency (AEA)

To Drive Business Growth in the FCT

In a move aimed at fostering entrepreneurship development and enhancing the capabilities of entrepreneurs in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), the National Productivity Centre (NPC) has officially entered into a collaborative Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Abuja Enterprise Agency (AEA). The milestone agreement was signed on Thursday, April 18, 2024, at a ceremony held in the Conference Room of the National Productivity Centre.

In his address during the signing ceremony, Dr. Nasir Olaitan Raji-Mustapha, the Director-General of the National Productivity Centre, emphasized the significance of the partnership  and pointed out SME's skill gap as a major challenge of the sector. He highlighted the pivotal role of SMEs in driving economic progress and affirmed the collaboration as a stepping stone towards achieving the national development objectives encapsulated in the Renewed Hope Agenda championed by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu's administration.

The agreement extends beyond entrepreneurship development and capacity building, as both organizations identified additional areas of synergy, encompassing data gathering initiatives, specialized training programs, and targeted youth engagement projects.

The MOU was formally sealed by Dr. Nasir Olaitan Raji-Mustapha, Director-General of the National Productivity Centre, and Mr. Chudi Ugwuata Ezirigwe, Acting Managing Director/CEO of Abuja Enterprise Agency, representing their respective institutions, in the presence of senior officials and managerial representatives from both organizations.

The collaboration between the NPC and AEA signals a united front in advancing sustainable business practices, fostering innovation, and nurturing a conducive environment for entrepreneurship to flourish in the FCT.

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