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The Trials Of Brother Bello - "The Untouchable"

The search may not end anytime soon as the invisibility of the man is made very possible by the noise the whole drama keeps generating. Anytime the noise reduces, then, it's time or almost time to the end and the beginning of another drama again - it's not a one off show, it's going to be long, you can call it a series. And, the longer it is, the uninteresting it becomes to the Nigerian people who will eventually decide to forget about the drama and face their struggles for daily survival and then, the goal would have been achieved as it would pass again as yet one of those usual dramas in the country. And, when this happens, the man's fading lion's nature may resurface again, powerfully this time even at national level - you don't believe me, right? 

Cast your mind back and see how far he has come, "conquering" even what many thought were laws but eventually got changed as soon as he appeared on the scene and then, what would have been a code name in his security architecture while he ruled supreme became a name he openly adopted and true to the name, the state, in his time, was truly a lion's den.

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