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Life And Times Of Sen(Dr) (Chief) Alex Usman Kadiri(1942-27th June 2024)

An Iroko of Odu, of Igala kingdom and indeed of Kogi state has taken the inevitable bow that await every living human being. Sen (Dr) Alex Usman kadiri sojourn on earth was evidentially, unambiguously and courageously predicated and characterized by this dictum of  life-  "there is a time to come, time to grow, time to impact, time to rest and time to take a bow". As human being,  we physically, mentally, emotionally and socially directly participate in some of these stages, while some of these stages are carried out by others for us. 

Sen(Dr ) Alex U Kadiri, definitely and unequivocally fall into the league of the very few first in Odu community and specifically Odu Ogboyaga to berth western education. He used the knowledge acquired maximally. He  attained academic excellent, enviable public and civil service carrier. He iced this, with political appointment at state and federal levels. These climaxed into and winning elective senatorial position, as a senator of Kogi East into National Assembly of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, in the 4th Republic. He was indeed a square peg in a square hole, in most of his encounters. He did not give room to rhetoric. He was focused,  disciplined with huge managerial carriage and abilities. 

He was and  truly an institution. He had sound and refreshing memories of the nation, held  his contemporaries, colleagues and younger ones with spell bound information on various aspects of life, including nation building and roles played by different persons and characters to bring Nigeria and other nations to the various levels they are. He was indeed an encyclopedia of knowledge and information.

Within the limit of selfless services and fairness, he stood out as a fair , meritorious, productive and performance inclined personality. He detested any form of discrimination and abuse of office or privileged position. He was nationalistic in his approach to issue , but never forgot his base and people. He made political sacrifices for the progress and unity of the Igala kingdom and was eventually elected as a senator in the 4th Republic from 1999-2003.He was productively prominent in the Senate and in Senate activities and roles in and out of the red chambers. He has been in active politics and continued to mentor others into politics, leadership and governance. He made attempt to Govern the state, this never came to be. Nonetheless, he never lost interest to advocate, canvass and sensitize the people and remind the government to exhibit good governance ,leadership and to carry out proactive people oriented responsibilities.He held the traditional title of Ochalla Ata of  Igala Kingdom. He was known for objective appraisal, praises and objective criticism of government as the situation demands without any colouration. He was never beclouded by his allegiance to political party to shy away or deter from objectivity and realities. He was bold, frank,  factual and courageous in his  address and presentation of and on issues.  

From the calibre of people that frequent, interact, interface and fraternize with Sen(Dr) Alex U Kadiri, right from childhood, as told of his youthful days , to his  active, healthy, political and elderly life, it was obvious that he was a man about and around the people. He exuded love and relationship. He assisted his community within the confines of possibilities whenever he had the opportunities for the benefit of people, including  human resource development and engagement in carrier paths. Some of the interventions in human endeavors succeeded, some dropped along the line , while some answered the call of nature to the great beyond.
Surely, our  elder statesman was an achiever, a goal getter, modest, moderate, worthy person and a lover of humanity. He was one of the early, efficient and effective elite that was respected, cherished, reverred and rallying point. He lived a fulfilled life. He was a delight and at home with his family, community, contemporaries and colleagues alike. Indeed Valentine  Opaluwah Ejeh, who authored his biography in "Standing out in the crowd, the  story  of Senator (Dr) Alex Usman kadiri," ably captured and epitomized the qualities and achievements of this great man.

Did this great man, Sen(Dr) Alex U. Kadiri saw his death coming or he  has just gone the way of other mortals?. Whichever way, he fought a battle but had to succumb to the will of God, to this final path ofall mortals at God appointed time. 

His wife Dr (Mrs) Pauline is a very compassionate women, an epitome for greatness , simple, caring, loving and a great delight to all. The children are no exception. We wish them well in the moments ahead.

May the Angel receive him bountifully. May history be kind to this illustrious son of Odu Ogboyaga, Dekina LGA of Kogi state.
Adieu and may his shortcoming be forgiven. We wish him eternal rest and God mercies. Ameen

Dr Omede Idris, CIK

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